Violet Parking

Violet Parking 1.0

Violet Parking is a small arcade game in which you get to park cars
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Violet Parking is a small arcade game in which you get to park cars.
The design is common for an online game, with playful colors and few but intuitive buttons. It does not slow down your computer and does not take a lot of the computer screen.

Violet Parking is a game you will enjoy regardless of your gaming skills level. It is suitable for people of any age.
This game is great if you need to occupy your time with something.

The thing that makes this game enjoyable is the story behind it. The game provides a layout that can be traced to prehistoric times, a restaurant, a bored caveman that is a valet, and what seems like a customer worried for his car. You play the valet that has to park the car without crashing it into different obstacles. What`s even funnier is that if you crash the car, you not only lose your life but you also get beaten by the owner of the car.

You have to use your up/down, left/right arrows to drive your car, which can be frustrating at the beginning, but after you get the hang of it, it becomes less challenging. Another challenge is that you are constrained by time and you have to park that car before you get the 'Time out' message. If you succeed to park that wooden car you get to the next level.

Violet Parking can be very entertaining, especially for kids! They will never get bored of playing this game.

Gaby Colette
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